Prices,packages, subscriptions



Every class is at 30 SGD per hour (excluding fees) conducted by a professional teacher.

All workshops areconcerned ( KIDS also), exceptions :

  • Introduction to Sewing World : 50 SGD for two hours.

  • Find Your Fabric : 30 SGD for two hours.


For regular customers, we propose many kind of packages (excluding fees), all workshops are concerned :

  • 6h (expires after 2 months) 177 SGD

  • 10h (expires after 4 months) 290 SGD

  • 15h (expires after 7 months) 410 SGD

  • 20h (expires after 9 months) 520 SGD

Monthly subscriptions

Kids Workshops :

275 SGD/month for 10h of workshops.

ALL INCLUDED : fabrics, accessories etc.

Only for kids workshops. The subscription gives access to 10h of workshops per month. The hours can be redeemed on the next months. The subscription has a minimum fixed term of 6 months from the date of purchase.